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Julian Smith

Saxophonist extraordinaire and Britain's Got Talent runner up, Julian Smith, has a career spanning 30 years.

From his time on Britain's Got Talent, which first propelled Julian to stardom, he stunned the judges with his saxophone rendition of 'Somewhere' from West Side Story, Since then has not looked back. His talent and charm are what make him the success he is today.


He has expanded his love for the saxophone into his new album, live performances and online saxophone lessons.


Julian's  exciting new album "Being With You" features stunning new co-writes with top songwriter and record producer Glenn Keiles, mixed with beautifully arranged covers, performed by Julian for soprano saxophone.

The album also features spine-tingling vocals by Julian on both "California Dreamin'  and "Fields of Gold".   


The album includes the extraordinary cover version of the Turkish classic 1980's rock song "Donence" ft Ahmet Guvenc (bass guitar and co-writer) and Sibel Tuzun (lead vocals). Both are huge stars in their native Turkey. Sibel brings her amazing haunting Turkish vocals to this new version which both Julian and Sibel have now made their own.

Julian pulls in many musical influences that he has absorbed over the years, which are evident on this album from

cool jazz, rock,chillout, classical to country.

This album not only shows off Julian's musical ,diversity, influences and talents but gives you the listener plenty to enjoy, and to listen to over and over again. 

  1. Turn Back The Time

  2. Shania's Song

  3. Don't Look Away

  4. California Dreamin'

  5. She Bows Her Head

  6. Being With You

  7. Bless The Broken Road

  8. Donence - ft Ahmet Guvenc & Sibel Tuzun

  9. Li River

  10. Fields of Gold

  11. Alone

  12. Forever Love

  13. I Can't Say Goodbye

  14. A Peaceful Moment

  15. Latino

  16. Turn Back The Time (radio edit)

Pre-release special offer.

"Signed copies" price £15 inc P&P (UK only).

For overseas enquire at

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